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    LINHAI JULI ROPE MAKING FACTORY near the mirage to be located Zhejiang near the sea DuQiao zhen, the transportation is convenient. Our factory has more than 20 years production history, the equipment is advanced, We have two sets to imitate the South Korean hemp rope the plastic wiredrawing from the generatrix; Technical force abundant, the management is rigorous, 98 years passed the Total Quality Management which Ministry of Agriculture issued to reach the sign certificate. The main product has each kind of specification to gather the third three stranded rope, gathers the third eight-part essay rope, gathers the second grade three stranded rope, gathers the second grade eight-part essay rope, gathers the second grade (4) share and the special use aggravates the tin core three stranded rope. The year synthesizing capacity amounts to 2,000 tons, the product sells in distant markets the domestic each big fishery production base. My factory since has started doing business, continuously by the fine quality, the reasonable price and the consummation service, wins the user communities the faith, the welcome from all walks of life friend comes the factory inspection to deign to inquire!